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          Isolated Fixed-Ratio DC-DC Converter Modules

          In well-regulated systems, a fixed-ratio converter provides higher efficiency in a smaller size than converters with regulation. Product and system efficiency gains allow designers to optimize system size and costs.

          BCM? Bus Converter Module
          Bus converters VIEW PRODUCTS

          36.0 – 60.0V
          38.0 – 55.0V
          200.0 – 330.0V
          200.0 – 400.0V
          240.0 – 330.0V
          260.0 – 410.0V
          330.0 – 365.0V
          360.0 – 400.0V
          400.0 – 700.0V
          500.0 – 800.0V


          2.4 – 55.0V 


          Full / Half Chip: Up to 80A 
          6123 ChiP: Up to 150A 
          3814 VIA: Up to 150A 
          4414 VIA: Up to 125A 


          Half Chip
          0.866 x 0.650 x 0.265in
          22.0 x 16.5 x 6.7mm

          Full Chip
          1.280 x 0.866 x 0.265in
          32.5 x 22.0 x 6.7mm

          6123 ChiP
          2.494 x 0.898 x 0.284in
          63.3 x 22.8 x 7.2mm

          3814 VIA
          3.76 x 1.40 x 0.37in
          95.6 x 35.5 x 9.4mm

          4414 VIA
          4.35 x 1.40 x 0.37in
          110.6 x 35.5 x 9.4mm


          Up to 98%

          VTM? Current Multiplier
          Factorized power current multiplier VIEW PRODUCTS

          0 – 60V


          0 – 55V


          Up to 115A


          Full Chip
          32.50 x 22.00 x 6.73mm

          Half Chip
          22.00 x 16.50 x 6.73mm

          SM ChiP
          22.83 x 8.52 x 4.9mm


          Up to 96%

          VI Brick® Intermediate Bus ConverterOpen frame intermediate bus converter

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