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          AI、HPC、データセンタのパフォーマンスを最大化させるパワーソリューション フロント?エンド ソリューション プロセッサソリューション

          Power delivery is now the limiting factor



          Vicor customer peak CPU/GPU current

          Vicor 48V配電システム用の電源コンポーネント

          Vicor 48V ecosystem


          Front-end solutions

          Enabling HVDC distribution

          The BCM® (Bus Converter Module) can be used to convert HVDC to an isolated SELV output for 48V distribution. The through hole mounted package has a 61 x 23 x 7.2 mm form factor that enables the distribution of HVDC within a rack or directly into the servers, allowing for optimal placement within air, liquid, or immersion-cooled systems. The fixed ratio conversion enables a peak efficiency of 98% with up to 35A of output current for high power processors, memory, solid-state drives, and additional features.

          380V distribution

          AC power in a rack or tank

          The RFM is a solution for high power computing racks and immersion tank systems. The planar form factor enables easy integration into advanced cooling systems and also provides the option to re-deploy AC power in the system.

          Vicor PowerTablet enables higher density rack configuration


          Factorized power architecture 

          Factorized power architecture factorizes the power into the dedicated functions of regulation and transformation. Both of these functions are able to be optimized and deployed individually to provide a high density and high-efficiency solution. This solution is a departure from the conventional 12V multiphase scheme that relies on a parallel array of switching regulators and inductors. This conventional scheme is difficult to scale: more power means more regulators to be paralleled, overall size increases and distance of the high current delivery to the processor increases. All results in more losses incurred in the system. Vicorファクトライズド?パワー?アーキテクチャについて詳しくみる

          Power-on-Package Lateral Power Delivery (LPD) 

          High-current delivery is provided via the MCM modules that can be placed adjacent to the processor either on the motherboard or on the processor substrate. Placement on the substrate minimizes PDN losses and reduces the number of processor substrate BGA pins required for power.

          Vicor Power-on-Package lateral power delivery

          Power-on-Package Vertical Power Delivery (VPD)

          VPD further eliminates power distribution losses and VR PCB board area consumption. VPD is similar in design to the Vicor LPD solution, with the added integration of bypass capacitance into the current multiplier or GCM module.

          Vertical Power Delivery Icon




          Vicor data center migration to 48V from 12V



          Powering auxiliary loads with a 48V architecture








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