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          MIL-COTS MI-RAM™ Ripple Attenuator Module

          Rugged output ripple attenuator for VI-200/VI-J00

          The MI-RAM is designed for applications where extremely-low-noise outputs are required. When used with any Vicor MI-series DC-DC converter, the MI-RAM reduces both line-frequency-related ripple and switching noise to less than 10mVP-P, DC to 20MHz. The combination of the MI-RAM with an MI-series converter provides the output-noise performance of a linear supply at a power density in excess of 15W/in³.

          All of the features of the MI-series converter remain available while using the MI-RAM including output voltage trimming, OVP and OTP (MI-200™ only), current limiting, remote sense and logic enable/disable.

          Features and Benefits

          Features and benefits

          Reduces output PARD

          Reduces output PARD to <10mVP-P

          Full attenuation up to 20A load

          Full attenuation up to 20A load

          Compatible with all MI-series

          Compatible with all MI-series units from 5 to 50VDC output


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          Output specifications:

          Output specifications:


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          • Outline Drawing for MI-RAM Module
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