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          Avoiding common AC-DC design pitfalls

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          Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 10AM EST


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          Design-in of AC-DC front end modules can be complicated. This session will provide a straightforward approach for success, covering such topics as: source impedance considerations, inrush current, filter resonance and damping, PFC, faults, fusing, system stability and safety.

          This webinar focuses on:

          • AC-DC front-end considerations: Understanding the System
          • Inrush current considerations
          • Is Power factor correction required?
          • Passive and Active PFC

          Who should attend?

          Engineers who want to discover new techniques using real-world applications to develop system architecture and select power components to fulfill conversion needs.

          About the presenter

          Photo of Robert Pauplis

          Robert Pauplis

          Principal Engineer

          For more than 25 years, Robert has worked with various customers on advanced power applications, deploying Vicor power products in designs that go as deep as the ocean floor and as high as the upper atmosphere. Robert has also worked on automated evaluation systems used internally during power module product development. Prior to joining Vicor, he has been involved with bench-top test and measurement instrumentation, firmware for impedance measurement, sound pressure and vibration instrumentation, LC standards and the production of Type 1 electret condenser microphones.

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