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          Stress-Free Electrical Safety for Power Designers

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          Safety is an important consideration when designing power systems. Engineers are very aware that failure to adequately ensure safety during the design phase means certification will be fraught with problems and stress.

          This webinar presents a checklist of things to consider about safety when working on your next power design that addresses:

          • Selection of X and Y capacitors
          • Appliance insulation classes
          • Fuses
          • Creepage and clearance
          • Hi-Pot testing
          • Ensuring isolation

          You will also learn how using power components makes it easier to meet safety requirements.

          Who should watch?

          This webinar is designed for engineers and managers who have a background in power design and approvals who would like to learn a stress-free approach to power system safety.

          About the presenter

          David Bourner

          David Bourner is a Senior Field Applications Engineer at Vicor who has seven years’ experience helping customers design power systems. Prior to Vicor he held applications roles at a number of semiconductor vendors as well as teaching as a Professor at UMBC.

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